ATI Says You Won't Have Relability Issues With Mobility Radeon



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 Will Nvidia put the screws to those users with the screwed up GPUs in their laptops and let the users take the hit? 
 If Nvidia's past actions and stated policies are any indication, of course these end customers are going to take the hit. All one has to do is to review a number of actions they took when they used IBM as their fab partner.
     * In the initial design and layout wafer layout stage their designers tried to get IBM to forgo the implementation of a crack stop on the chip die so that more die could be fit on wafer. They were agitated that IBM would not use the chips ground strap as a crack stop.
     * Their chips were all designed to withstand only 50 mil amps of static electricity where IBM and most of the rest of the industry used 100 mil amps as the low end mark. Why? Because they could save money both in design and manufacturing costs.
     * When concerns arose over static electric ( caused during the wafer manufacturing process in the street areas ) blowing out parts of ( the IBM insisted upon ) crack stops and on through the ground strap, Nvidia insisted that those die that had said damage be shipped as acceptable as long as the visual observed static damage did not reach any other active metal areas and the chips passed the electrical die test. When IBM s voiced concerns over the long term viability of those chips their reply was 'These chips only have to last 6 months. After that the end customer is expected to upgrade to a newer product anyway.'

Does Nvidia show an evenhanded balance between long term customer satisfaction and the need to make a profit? 
 No way.

The number one consistent motive to all of Nvidia's policy's is to maxi mis corporate profits and to let all other issues that might interfere with that take a back seat.





 See that big ol screw through the graphics there?? SCREW NVIDIA!!!

Don't like it? Piss off!!



 I sure hope Nvidia can get their act together about all this.  I still think that their products are some of the best out there.

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