ATI Says DirectX 11 and 40nm GPUs on Track for 2009



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The reason they are doing this is because at somewhere around 10nm thick, silicon technology will become completely unstable.  At this thickness you can no longer keep track of the electrons, which would make it short circuit.  Thus, they are trying to go at a slow pace down the line, because eventially silicon technology will hit its max, and if they hit their max sooner than later without new technology to boot they'd be screwed.  And, we'd be stuck on a technological plateau.  So, this pace even though its still going more rapidly than our development in new technologies, is sort of buying time for the development of a new form.  Such as, quantum computing, or maybe even dna computing.


Keith E. Whisman

What I don't understand is why the Proc and GPU companies don't just retool now and start fabbing 24nm components? Why the increments? I say just make the most advanced Processors The smallest that we know that they can be made at wiith the technologies that we know we want. Why pussyfoot around? They will still make money. There is always going to be a faster CPU but why not have LCARS today instead of 400years down the road.



For DirectX 9 they went the way of the console, where instead of replacing the existing technology they used what they had to further progress in the technology of the existing API. DirectX10 and 11 will probably not be mainstream for at least another 2 years, I think this is good. They shouldn't keep replacing a great API with something new and not have time to stretch the limits. I'm surprised AMD/ATI are looking into it when they are second in the graphics race and had a little trouble getting back into the game. Time will tell.

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