ATI RV740 Benchmarks Leaked, Decidedly Respectable



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is faster than what? im sorry but a 4670 will rape that 3850 of yours any time of the day. hell a 9600gso put that 3850 crap to oblivion.


It's very confusing to the purchaser about which card is best since ATI feels that they should develop so many different versions of 48xx.  They're just re-inventing slower cards, for what purpose? Nvidia is doing the same too.  So many cards Tom's Hardware can't keep up with testing them all.

A card which is faster, lower wattage or significantly more features make sense.  My Sapphire 3850 I just bought  for $55 is still much faster than many of these cards, plays Crysis just fine too.



Now that is what i'm talking about as long as you don't play high end games this card ROCK'S!

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