ATI Releases New Catalyst 9.6 Videocard Drivers



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i can't see anything with the game Prototype for PC. will revert back to 9.5 until i can figure out what's up with that.

good thing i didn't restart my PC before getting through half the game.



Uh, aren't those all old games?



 There's plenty of Windows 7 support right now from ATI. nVidia, not so much.

ANd you know, maybe the easiest way to determine if AVIVO works properly, is to... *ghasp* try it!


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Finally they have 64-Bit Vista support for the AVIVO package, but where is the Windows 7 support?  Since Windows 7 is built on Vista it should not be that hard for them to port the package for us early adopters.  Since AMD doesn't seem to give a shit about all of us using Windows 7, does anyone know if the Vista x64 AVIVO package will install/work with Windows 7 x64?



What do you mean AMD doesn't care about Windows 7?  Windows 7 is still in the testing phase and hasn't even been released officially.  However, they have had beta drivers for Windows 7 for several months now.  I updated my drivers for a Radeon 4670 from ATI's website on the same day the original beta was available on TechNet.  They updated the driver suite on May 5th and again today.  I'd say that's pretty good support for a product that is not even commercially available yet.

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Maybe this will fix some TF2 problems I've been having.

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