ATI Radeon HD 5830 Specs Cut a Few Too Many Corners



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In benchmarks it still beats the 5770 by a long shot. Also, it beats anything nvidea can shell out for the price.



 The HD 5830 is WAY more powerful than any GPU I have. "Cutting a few too many corners"? They would be cutting corners if they made it 500 MHz core, 800 MHz DDR2 (not GDDR), 4 ROPs, and cut the stream processor count to 500. This GPU is like a Core i7 and my GPU is like a Core Duo (not Core 2) when you compare them. (my GPU is a Geforce 9600m GT) 

Windows 7 is the King of all Microsoft OSes


nsk chaos

well this is certainly out something good and then take the opportunity when everyone is raving about a good product to dish shits like this out =P megafail


Keith E. Whisman

Just the graphics solution that companies such as HP use in their so called high end gaming computers.


nsk chaos

too true

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