ATI Moving Forward With Radeon HD 4890 X2



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seo (not verified)


Reportedly, the new graphics card will have two GPUs running at
least 1GHz per core, and depending on the SKU a customer buys, they can
expect 2GB or 4GB of memory. Unfortunately, that’s the most specific
information currently available.

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To the person inquiring about DX11. Right now there are no DX11 cards out there.  The old DX10 cards will support some of the new DX11 features, however in order to use the complete DX11 feature line - new video cards will be needed - again.



I never get tired of saying X2. EXXXX TWOOOOOO



4gb memory on the new directx 11 on windows seven seems sooo good, because directx 11 and windows 7 together are WAY faster than vista and directx 10 from what i've heard. i know what im waiting for...



Sorry, this may seem a bit off topic, I'm planning to get windows 7 so that I can use the new direct X 11,

 my question is do I need a certain graphic card that can support direct X 11, or an ordinary graphic card will work just fine with it? currently I have radeon HD 3470 in my laptop been running vista with direct X 10 in it, seems fine so far.

Yes I know cant upgrade GPU in laptop, sucks... 

any input is much appreciated. thx



I've been waiting for the refreshed Radeon cards, just in time for a new build.  Nice to see ATI taking the fight to Nvidia again.



I've been running a pair of  4870 X2s in Crossfire for several months and I just love 'em!  Keep it comming ATI / AMD; the competition is always good for us consumers!  Now, if only AMD's CPU division can get its act together.



i wonder if it will stay below 300$ USD. i was planning on getting a regular 4890 in the next few weeks.

isn't ATI no longer making cards more thatn 300$ anymore? if so, that X2 will be totally worth it.



You can expect more like $500+



you know, just in case you need quad fire cards, and 8g of vram to pump out 100+ FPS on that 10 monitor setup.

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