ATI Catalyst 9.4 Now Available



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Those 9.4 drivers are *ucking terrible. I installed them, got a Blue Screen after the installer finished. Then I booted up, fired up Defraggler to defrag those ATI files. Crashed. Ok fine. I tried again and it worked fine. Then I started Adobe Illustrator to work on graphics for my actual JOB, after 20 minutes of working, it crashed. I am now uninstalling those drivers and backing up to the "good" <--- for a lack of a better term. Driver. 8.10. Works fine with ATItool, before ATI started *ucking up and creating *hitty drivers that love to make people pull their hair out.


I am now making plans to buy an Nvidia card. Take that ATI.



Yeah, that's really great.  Accept ATI is totally leaving the laptop people out in the cold!

Lot's of folks have laptop gaming rigs with various iterations of an ATI GPU, including myself with 3870's in CrossfireX.  I think this lack of support for mobility customers shows how ATI is just another company doing what it has to do for the largest bulk of their customers.  It's time to go back to Nvidia where at least they provide more frequent support for their laptop customers!   Besides, no CUDA, no Physix, and ATI mobility cards are much more CPU dependant.  Nvidia>ATI

And as mentioned earlier, no 64bit Avivo! Cmon ATI get off your asses and get up to speed.  Computers shipping with 64bit operating systems is pretty mainstream now.

I think the ATI company motto is: "Why give 100% when 50% will do just fine."

I'm gonna get a custom case badge that says: "ATI....50% inside"






This is nothing new for me. I just wish they can take the Overclock limit off. My card can go to 850.00 / 500.00 with ATItool. With OD it doesn't go more then 750.00 and 450.00. ATItool doesn't work for newer version of Catalyst, and downgrading is not an option. BOO ATI BOOOOOO. If I want to overclock my card. IT'S MY FRICKKING PROBLEM. I CAN CARELESS ABOUT THE WARRANTY.



Overdrive has been around since 8.9, Thank you for the x64 Vista support AMD.

XFX drives, pffft try and put a trouble ticket in there system through the website, don't hold your breath it might take awile, or how about two weeks, or how about i fixed it myself then updated the trouble ticket to not allow them to waste there time. Oh and, if that wasn't enough the  HD-487A-ZDFC came with a nice flicker at there default clock (OC) which they then released a firmware flash for to fix.



And once again there is no 64-bit Avivo package available.  Yet another "Avivo™ Package available soon" release. I guess AMD/ATI has a very broad definition on what SOON means. 

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