ATI Catalyst 9.12 Now Available for Download



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I wanted to Download the latest ATI Catalyst 9.12 DRIVERS, i follow the link THAT YOUR WEBSITE HAS ON ITS PAGE AT THE "TOP" there is a  button that says get the ATI Catalyst 9.12 DRIVERS here, and what DO I GET! CRAPWARE! SOME FAKE PROGRAM called AMDDrivers.exe OMG I am so shocked to see that a magazine as Maximum PC advertising such deceptive cons. You have to pay for this and you shouldn’t have to pay to get ATI Drivers. Sure you need to pay the Bills and earn $$$ for your magazine, but come on! at least put something there that says YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR THIS PROGRAM. You are turning ot to be just like all the other terrible websites that report on new updates and offer a download button and it turns out to be other "CLICK FEST TO NO WHERE" A huge waist of my time! I love this Magazine and I have a sub for 3 years going not so sure about that now. I expect better from a PC Magazine.









There's nothing in the release notes to say if they've fixed the problem with Borderlands textures, as 9.11 broke the textures when you entered buildings, etc, you'd just see grey walls.




Appears there is also a hotfix as well.



Here today, gone tomorrow. Live life.

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