ATI Catalyst 8.12 Videocard Drivers Released Today



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 I do not see anything in the driver's release notes or this article about fixing any of the dozens of HORRIBLE graphical, sys.reqs, or other frame-rate-killing and incompatibility issues for GTA IV. I must assume from this complete lack of effort on AMD/ATI's part that they either do not care about their customer's that purchased GTA IV or they assume that Rockstar is 100% to blame in this debacle and ATI's drivers could not ever help it become more playable. Either way, I'm still waiting for Steam (Valve) to give me a full refund as I'm so ticked at Rockstar that I refuse to play GTA IV or any of their games forever just on principle.


Fanboys are annoying. Price/Performance is top priority. Patience=Awesome.



i installed 8.12, couldn't find the video converter anywwhere, and it kept on crashing my computer. i have a palit 4850.


Lord Omega

I am glade to see that this because I plan on getting a 4000 series. Now they would fix the flicker that has been plaguing Ubuntu 8.x and increase the performance in them. That would be nice.

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