ATI Catalyst 10.8 Driver Suite Now Available for Download



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I don't understand why not Nvidia nor Ati didn't build selfupdater into their software like Adobe or any other company did ? If I wouldn't check this website I would never know about it . Thanks Paul !



Sorry Paul, you're a day late on this one - and don't say it, apology accepted I know :)


Interestingly, Terry Makedon hinted for a Wednesday release on his twitter on Monday, so I knew about this before Wednesday. See, I should be a MaxPC journalist!



Actually, the full upgrade has recently always been released on a Wednesday, and it's usually around mid-20s of each month. Occasionally it comes a week early, about halfway through the month.



Thanks Paul for all the research you do so I don’t need to waste my time looking everyplace. It really doesn’t matter that the news is posted the second it’s released. I would rather know it’s legit and not someone just hinting it’s coming.



Lol, do you even know who Terry Makedon is? He's the software product manager a.k.a 'CatalystMaker' @ ATI. I would think that when the head of the Catalyst software development team says 'we have a targeted release date for this Wednesday' that it would be more reliable than just 'someone' saying Catalyst will be out.


Anyways, no offense to Paul. I have been reading maxPC for years and it was a friendly crack at his 'Apology accepted' response to all the silly people posting 'Saw it first on blah blah blah'. Read thru a few of his articles you will see it :P

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