Atari Accuses Non-Gaming Senior Citizens of Software Piracy



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Having just turned 52, I vehemently resent your categorization of a 54-year-old as a "senior citizen".  I do not come to Maximum PC to be insulted.  If I could find my glasses and cane, I would certainly pummel you, Sir!


Keith E. Whisman

I was thinking about posting something about that comment myself. Heck my father Master Yoda.... I mean he is ony 75 but has recently started riding a motorcycle. He is going on trips cross country now. And I have a nice life insurence plan on him as well. But anyhow I would call 54 middle age as you can't get a discount on the City Bus here in Phoenix unless you 65 or older. 



"We didn't even know what IP addresses were until they recieved the letter," Atari said.





Keith E. Whisman

I have always believed that RIAA and the Hollywood version as well as the gaming industry can better spend their money on going after those that actually sell pirated software, music and video.

Every week an Illegal Mexican alien knocks on my apartment door and asks me if I want to purchase movies from his extensive collection of copied and downloaded movies. And every week I consider calling Sheriff Joe Arpaio  on his butt.

As for file sharing I believe that the stated industries should figure out a way to make a profit from software sharing. It can be done. In game advertising. Games could load tracking cookies after installation that  could be used for directed advertising and give the software companies some revenue. Cookies are a fact of life and they also keep Cookie Monster happy.

Also the RIAA, Hollywood, and the games industry could use IP addresses to benefit financially without threatening lawsuits. Rather than attacking people they could invite piraters to provide reviews with again directed advertising. 

They could also spam piraters email for profit with spam that is designed to make it past filters.


But really go after the people that pirate for profit like that guy in Florida that was selling a handheld gaming device that was loaded with unlicensed Nintendo Roms. That was righteous. Going after a 16yo kid for downloading 10000songs for his Ipod and suing for thousands of dollars is just crazy. When it costs more money than they will actually get from people they sue. If I'm downloading illegitimate content off the net what makes them think I have the thousands of dollars they want for settlements? They can sue but anyone can file bancruptcy as well. Nobody wins. 



Keith is just sore becasue they're closing all his circuit city's ;)



There's a Mexican alien living in your block?! Dude, don't call the sheriff. Call Special Agent Mulder. We need to dissect that thing. Find out what they really want to do in this planet. He's just probably the spearhead of the invasion, and you think he's only trying to sell pirated movies. On the other hand, it's just probably an offer of peace.

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