Asustek's Windows 8 Tablets May Be Priced Out of Contention



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These prices are insane. It will ensure these products are pretty much DOA as far as appealing to the mainstream consumer.

I understand that they're a company and they want profit but still, consumers like products they can afford, not products that are way overpriced for what they actually offer just because they're novel.


Sir Hobbes3

so why would i spend $800 for a tablet and keyboard when i could build a pretty decent gaming pc that will do a lot more for the same or less???????


Peanut Fox

A better comparison would be to a similarly priced notebook, as you still maintain a lot of the same portability.



I hope these tank as bad as netbooks did.


Bogus Dudus

Why do I suspect this info was "leaked" from a certain fruity company?


Sir Hobbes3

I know, dont you just love how it says confidential in the lower left corner?



I actually thought the exact same thing when I realized how badly they're getting pummeled in tablet marketshare at the mo!

...wait, what?



Dropped windows @ 2012 new year. never looked back......

looking forward for ubuntu 12.10 in oct 2012.




Those prices are really not surprising. I expect the Surface RT to dip in under the Vivo RT. And I expect the full Surface to match the Vivo Tab at $1000. The Taichi with its dual display is priced like an Ultrabook as expected.

I'm still not sure how the RT from Asus or Microsoft fits into the market. Why would I want to pay so much for a crippled version of Windows 8 just because it runs on ARM? Puzzling...



$800 for an Atom based computing device?

$200 for a keyboard?

$600 for the WinRT version with zero apps, broken Office and still another $200 for the keyboard?

In the spirit of creative destruction and its ability to clean out the imagineless business types to give people with some real passion for their products and a modicum of interest in what customers want: Go Apple.

(For those of you who didn't understand that last paragraph, let me explain it before you go all anti-Apple on me. Apple needs to keep cleaning house with their designs and price points until either Microsoft, Intel and the OEMs really feel the pain and take a close look at what they aren't doing, or simply fade away and be replaced by some smaller, more agile companies that are more concerned with listening to customers and offering really nice products rather than fretting about their market share and quaterly dividend payments to themselves. This small peek at upcoming products is very underwhelming. The prices are too high, the add-on keyboard/docks are to expensive, and WinRT needs to be pushed off a bridge because it is muddying the waters and adding an extra Microsoft tax into what are supposed to be the cheaper, entry level devices.)



I imagine these prices are indicative of the W8 tablets as a whole, which is not good news for Microsoft. To compete at the iPad price point, they're going to have to blow the iPad right out of the water from a functionality perspective, and I just don't see that happening. Also, as loozer pointed out, Android is bouncing around in the contender's corner. He's lean and mean and positively spoiling for a fight.

If their past efforts at mobile devices like the mediocre (at best) Windows Phones are any indication, it's looking more and more like things are gonna get ugly for the boys in Redmond. You'll pardon me if I don't shed any tears on their behalf.


Peanut Fox

At these prices I can't get on board these devices. At the same time I'm not much of a tablet or notebook guy. I still don't own either.



Windows RT may be dead already. There are piles of android and iOS tabs waiting to compete at lower price points that also throw in better displays and processors.



The major problem with the cheaper Android tablets is support. They largely follow Samsung's model, release it and forget it. That is some of what I like about Asus and Acer tablets, they support them (with OS updates) even after they have been discontinued from new model sales.



There's a lot of support for older android devices. It's called XDA developers. But really, Apple usually rolls 1 or 2 OS updates before dropping support and they only have one line of devices. The Android situation isn't good, but it's also not too much worse than the competition.



The poor support is why I refuse to go Android, while I love the function, and open source and customizability of them. I can't stand the fragmentation, even some of the newest phones are 2 OS updates behind.

I think you are drastically understating the issue with the Android OS.

They have over 6 different OS versions in wide use, the widest used one is 2-3 cycles behind, and it is the most used by a large margin.

That just drives me insane, Apple doesn't have this problem. But I refuse to buy a $600 phone and then be told what I can do with it. I also don't much appreciate the adds that make apple consumers look like idiots (Not that I am one, the iphone is the only thing of theirs I've ever owned and is also my last.)

Windows phone is where I'm going. I like 8 for touch devices, not computers.

But all in all I do find this entire Windows 8 tablet lineup very un-interesting. But then again I have no interest in a laptop, it isn't that hard to carry a laptop and use it, and it does everything any tablet does and more and for the same price.

I'm sorry I'm not soo infatuated with touch screens I need to pay through the nose for a tablet, my smartphone is close enough to that, and then my computer takes up the rest.

I honestly don't know how such a small niche of a market got soo big. Touch is cool, but give me a mouse and keyboard anyday.



I would bet you are going to find the same problems with windows phone 8. They will leave it up to the manufacturers for updates and you won't be getting them. If they update your old phone you won't by their new one. Windows phone 7 owners will not be getting an update to Windows 8. My Android phone is still awaiting the icecream sandwich update and now jelly bean is out. Motorola said the update was coming but I really don't expect to see it. Though I have had the phone for less than a year; they have already put out 4 or 5 new models. I suspect they will not upgrade when they are trying to sell the new ones, and the new operating system is one of the features they are pushing for sales. So as bad as people seem to think Apple is, it is really the same everywhere else. And for those who keep pushing the aftermarket updates for Andriod; yes it is great they are there, but why should you have to use it to get updated features on your phone? So what you are really saying is your phone sucks but if I hack it, now it works the way it should have to begin with!

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