Asus's Eee Keyboard is Real, and Starts at Just $400



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How about if they were to integrates an iPod Touch w/ the full QWERTY keyboard instead & thow in A-DATA's new 512GB SDD!?



Looks interesting, but as far a usability goes... not so good. if you could separate all the I/O and some how move it into a wireless dongle that sits beside the TV (bluetooth would be perfect for this save for it's 1 device only limitation) or incorporate the new wireless USB standard into the unit to handle I/O and transmit the audio over the wireless HDMI channel (also where the dongle can then split it into the appropriate connector). Sounds a little much, but that's how I feel to get the better usability for this thing... I don't see myself sitting on my sofa with my 4.1 system and TV jacked into this thing and having massive cable runs across my living room. Trip hazard much?

- mike_art03a
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I just built a HTPC to watch/listen to  BD, DVD, CD, and MP3 on my 52" Samsung LCD for about $600. Currently it sports 1 500 gig hdd but as I store more HD content I will increase this. My HTPC uses a wireless keyboard and mouse, and sits hidden behind my TV stand. I can see no benefit to such a product as this. Oh and contrary to popular belief my HTPC is whisper quiet due to carefully choosing the proc, proc cooler, and fanless video card that supports HDMI for full 1080P.

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I'd worry less about the lack of storage (although that is a vaild concern certainly) and more about the fact the 1.6 atom isn't exactly proven to be full of WIN (when using the 945GSE chipset) when it comes to HD video.




sub_noob 7532

I guess it would be cool if it could function as a keyboard for a tower pc and connect to the secondary inputs on your monitor or even better connect directly to a pc's usb port but I doubt anything like so would be likely.



Keith E. Whisman

Maybe a tiny SSD for the OS and a large 160GB Ipod HDD for content storage. There can be 2 or more Ipod HDD's for storage. It's just stupid to not offer very much storage for an Htpc. Also It would be nice to offer a small BD drive in the keyboard. But yeah lots of storage is a requirment unless you have a home server with all your data and you can access the server and can store and retrieve files from this server with the keyboard. This is something I would want to have but it needs better implimentation and more storage. But great first version.



so.... where the TV tuner gonna go? or rather the cable...

i can't imagin myself dragging a 1/2 inch  thick cable around with my keyboard....

i believe "protable netbook that require an external monitor" would be a better name for it than HTPC.



So it's an HTPC that cannot store any content.  Other than online streaming, it seems to be of limited usefulness (netflix/hulu/youtube/pandora would work ok).  But then again, it's only a fraction of the price of a standard HTPC.  I'll stick with my real HTPC for DVR functionality, and housing my movie and music collection.



 It would be cool if there was an attachable screen or something like that(really thin, like a laptop screen).  IDK im just throwing ideas out there. Cool concept though, not a good price.  I had a dream about something like this a couple of months ago.  My dream has come true (except for the 1gb part and harddrive) those could be a lot better.

Willie Townes


Keith E. Whisman

Well there is a small PDA sized LCD there with icons. I think it's a small touch screen so you can interface with the OS without puting the OS GUI on your TV. So you don't have to miss McGyver.



Depending on response and durability, this could be more useful than a netbook.

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