Asus Z77/H77 Motherboards Getting Thunderbolt Support Via An Expansion Card



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Good to know. Looking forward to a quick expansion of Thunderbolt peripherals and an even quicker price drop now that the tech has moved beyond Apple products.



Wow, this brings back memories. . . I can't remember the last time I had to use an expansion card to add a new type of port. First-gen USB, I guess?



That's good to know. I'm contemplating building a new PC soon. It would be nice to have TB as an option. Hopefully the controller card is reasonably-priced. (I'm not expecting a bargain as it is geared towards professionals. I just don't need to be gouged either.)

I wonder what Linux support for TB will be like in the near future...


Peanut Fox

I've been hearing 40 ish with single and dual port options.



Good to know as I have ordered the ASUS Z77 Deluxe card. At first I thought that putting a expansion card over the front panel header was NOT a good idea. Then I saw the black connector behind it.
That makes TWO ASUS only expansion slots on the Pro and Deluxe cards. The other is for their WiFi,WiFi/Bluetooth, or a rumored WiFi/SSD plugin module for the back panel. WiFi for Pro, WiFi/Bluetooth for Deluxe and God knows where for the Wifi/SSD module (saw the latter on a ASUS demo video on the Deluxe -no news since, not a peep).

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