Asus: Warranty Killing Bootloader Unlock Tool Coming to Transformer Prime, ICS Ships January 12



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fuck DRM, Google and the movie industry.



"Regarding the bootloader, the reason we chose to lock it is due to content providers' requirement for DRM client devices to be as secure as possible."

Well then, they better cover the screen with black paint!

Google's OS for portable devices is not the ground shaking, market changing OS I was expecting it to be.  It feels more like a collar and leash.  Windows gives me more freedom, and that's a pretty sad state of affairs when you look back at past history and how controling Microsoft has been in various OS,  standards, and market dominance wars.



"Also, based on our experience, users who choose to root their devices risk breaking the system completely."

Precisely.  And then the rest of us have to listen to them piss and moan about "low-quality hardware" and "substandard firmware."  Which is to say they behave exactly like the rest of the Unix/Linux fanboi community.



if you dont know what you are doing, you dont need root... then again, you dont need windows either.



Wow, that was quick... and I'm amazed how early they are gonna get ICS out the door. I would have figured later into Q1. Love Asus for their timely update schedule which was already shown on the original Transformer.



I really want to replace my laptop with one of these. But I haven't ran across a good info base on a good site. Does anyone have any experience first hand? or a link? Gonna be searching this site here pretty quickly



meh who needs warrantys any ways lol



what pisses me off, is the "void warranty".  How the F**k does the software kill the hardware.  It is like a few years ago, OEMs tried to say if you installed linux on your windows machine, you voided the warranty... how are they related?  How does a cracked screen or in the case of my nook color, dead battery have anything to do on what i load on it?


Better to say, we will not support the software if you root it, but would still warranty the hardware.  I could live with that.



Pretty simple actually... they warrant that the device they gave you with the software they approved will work.

If someone changed to a custom ROM and submitted the device for warranty, Asus obviously wouldn't support the software.  If it's a hardware error, how is Asus to ever tell on an individual basis that the hardware was NOT damaged by the custom ROM without spending a lot of time on testing? (time is money!)

It's a very valid and fair warranty option.



How does the software affect the hardware? Are you kidding me?


Pretty simple to root a phone and then fry it by trying to overclock it and(because of horribly written code by the "dev comunity"), get stuck in a boot loop, and then someone calls in help from someone like me who has to tell them their device is effed. 


Ive seen phones that have completely fried radios because they flashed some update that was supposed to "fix poor signal"...which it jacking up the power sent to the radio until it fried. 



I think you missed what he was saying. He's suggesting that if the hardware is in order, why does that void your warranty. For example, installing a new applications doesn't void your warranty so why does installing a new rom AS LONG as you dont toast the hardware.

You are taking what he said totally out of context. In your example, overclocking the snot out of the phone is actually the user frying the hardware by being an idiot. While installing a new rom and enabling the capacity to overclock- that act alone does not fry the hardware, so it does not invalidate his point.

His point is very valid, but to your point, it's easy to see why companies can't spend time and money trying to validate modders, after opening up a can of worms, your just asking for it, and they have to draw the line somewhere.

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