Asus Warranty Doesn't Cover Damage Caused by 'Space Invasions'



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You know, that's just typical of "the man" to find another way to keep us all down by excluding extra-terrestrial invasion from our product warranty!

What's next? They will exclude Yeti (or Abominable Snowman, if you will) damage? Would that also by association exclude Sasquatch (aka Big Foot, Skunk ape, Mother-in-law) from protection under the warranty?

If they exclude warranty protection against Loch Ness monster attacks, then ASUS has simply gone a bridge too far, and we should all protest!

Today it's exclusion against alien invasion, tomorrow it's the boogeyman and the Easter Bunny! We must have protection from these imminent threats to our security and well being!

Maybe we should get Congress involved, it's not like they are busy doing anything else...


Someone at ASUS may well have a good sense of humor, or perhaps someone at ASUS has a little too much time on their hands... It could quite possibly be a combination of the two...

If they have a position within their organization that pays a living wage to come up with indemnity and/or exclusionary clauses within their contracts and warranties, where all you have to do is dream up utter nonsense to protect the company from then I would very much like to have that job!


Keith E. Whisman

Does that include technophile aliens like E.T. coming to Earth and getting left behind and and and and tearing apart my asus tablet and wiring it together to an Asus Motherboard and Video Card so he can call home?

Asus won't undo what E.T. did to my hardware? Perhaps with E.T. when the mothership arrives he'll can use his glowing finger, you know the one he picks his nose with, and magically make everything right again.


ICe Pilot Fan

The warranty as listed at the web site DOES NOT include that provision. I expect to have to double check info on Gizmodo, I don't expect to have to double check MaximumPC.



100 light year rapidly expanding radio bubble. Well put!!



considering radio waves do travel at he speed of light I find the idea of us having an 100 Light year radio emmision bubble is total BS

Because of this ‘inverse square law’, all of our radio signals become indistinguishable from background noise at around a few light-years from earth. For a civilization only a couple hundred light-years away, trying to listen to our broadcasts would be like trying to detect the small ripple from a pebble dropped in the pacific ocean off the coast of California – from Japan.



I'd be interested to know if there are any warranties, policies, etc. that cover alien invasions. What if aliens blasted an entire city? Will everyone's insurance cover the damage or are we SOL?



Warranties aside and all, maybe an alien invasion would have some benefits. Like maybe mankind finally uniting and getting off this mud ball and join the intergalactic community (someday, after throwing off the chains of captivity that is).



We haven't had WWIII yet... After that we get the WARP DRIVE!



Well WWIII might be around the corner but it ain't Khan and his new species of supermen who will be on the opposing side. Might be a nuclear Iran and North Korea though. Let's just hope the Vulcans are watching and standing by to make contact.


I Jedi

I'm assuming you live in the U.S., too. As it'll be one of the last remaining governments left on Earth after WW3, I can only hope for WW3 soon. I also plan to be in Montana with Mr. Cochrane after WW3.



Slow news day, MPC?



Anyone else think Asus struck a deal with some aliens and know their plans?



I'll think twice about Asus monitors in the future, that's for damn sure.



darn and my new 3D monitor Has a dead pixel. stupid space ;)

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