Asus Vento TA-F Foldable PC Case is Not like Origami at All



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nsk chaos

Hmmmmmmm......I like the idea...saves space (and a lot of it too) could be time consuming and dents could prevent the case from folding well



last time i checked.....

it didnt matter how big of a package you were sending in the mail when it comes to shipping costs.




this is why a case is the most expensive part of a computer to ship.


i cannot believe not a single time up till now not a single person

(even you guys at max pc who i hold in such high reguard) 

has mentioned this little tidbit of somwhat important information


its a marketing gimick on thier behalf... shadows and smoke.... 


this will make it cheaper...

yeah and sham wow picks up that pepsi spill on tv too right?


Keith E. Whisman

Alright this just plain pisses me off. What kind of dumb motherfucker came up with this? You can take it to the office and home and use it. You have to have the components at the office and the home. This is retarded. I would recommend a laptop over this stupid dumbass idea. This just pisses me off on how stupid shit makes it to this website. And somebody actually spent money to build a prototype. My god what retardation. What the hell were these aholes smoking? This is like that dumbass side gesture small hand held device.



This is nothing more than a gimmick. I see no use for it other than to save shipping costs. I doubt that anyone would be willing to remove all their components just so they could fold this case. Asus, is trying too hard.


 The gaming god, the pwner, the n0obkill3r, the Hitman.



This is as innovative as Antec Skeleton >.>



Is this a joke?  Think of the possibilities if this was actually practical, though.  With this technology, I could put 10 foldable Dodge Vipers in my 2 car garage.  Of course, 10 engines and 40 wheels will have to litter my backyard but that's OK.  And I've got all the time in the world to re-assemble my cars as needed.

 Reality?  Once I build a PC, it stays built.



 I don't think anyone's looking deep enough. Not even Asus.

Point 1:

One big issue with shipping cases has always been dents and scratches. Know anyone at UPS, FedEx, etc? They'll be the first to tell you that bigger packages take more hits.

Collapsing the case will allow extra padding in a smaller package, thus reducing dents, and the flat packaging will decrease scratches (like buying IKEA furniture).

Of course one would have to be a little more careful when assembling not to cause their own dents or scratches.


Point 2:

One could take a case panel and mod it, cut it, sand it, paint it, all without ever having to risk or even deal with other sides of the case. Modding will be easier. Plus if you mess up royally, well just buy a new panel.


Point 3:

Buy this case from Asus. Then say you install your mobo, but would like a cable duct on the bottom of the back panel, you simply buy a panel from ASUS with that channel, and swap out the one you have. Got a new mobo and it doesn't work anymore? Buy a new panel with a channel that goes along the top. Or buy a panel with a window. or one with an air duct 1" to the left. Need a place to place two more HD's? buy a top panel that raises the height of the case another 4"!!!!!! Did you get a scratch or dent you can't fix? replace that panel without replacing the whole case!


point 4:

Agreed the portability angle is kind of lame, I can only see it working for a very select group. I for example, could use it this way, but strangely enough, not as a computer case... more like a portable rack system for electronics I have to carry around and set up sometimes).


Point 5:  The storage issue on the other hand is a nice take. You could have a case ready to go at any time for that backup computer you're going to build, etc. Yet store it in 1/50th the space of a regular case in your closet.


Of course much of my argument depends on whether or not ASUS will all the sale of individual case sides and/or provide upgraded parts. But I think they'd be smart enough for that.

So at first glance you may think it's lame. Me personally? If the price is right and there's no less structural stability... I'll buy it tomorrow.


"There's no time like the future."



Man, with an idea as stupid as this, someone needs to get fired.

so useless



They better stick to "it will lower shipping costs" line and not the "user can fold it for transport" one. I do not know what they have been drinking, but did they realized that in order to fold it for transportation your have to remove all the compents?

Either they have been drinking something "exotic" or they take us for fools. The first one is a better thought.



Talcum X




Every morning is the dawn of a new error.

"In Ireland, there are more drunks per capita than people."  -  Peter Griffin



This is the answer to a question nobody ever thought was worth asking.  Stupid, stupid, stupid.



This is the answer to a question nobody ever thought was worth asking.  Stupid, stupid, stupid.






That should mean a smaller shipping box...but where are the other three sides?

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