Asus Updates Rampage Motherboard Line, Adds CPU-Less BIOS Flashing



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When are mobo makers going to free up more space on their boards by dumping those PATA ports? Does anyone use them anymore? Do they think the same type of buyer who would use a nitrogen cooling solution would also need that PATA port too? It's like adding an option for wooden wheels on the latest Porsche 911 Turbo. Dump it already, and add another set of SATA 2 ports. Come join us in the 21st century.



Excellent feature. When I saw the RE III at CES it did not support USB 3 so they made some last minute upgrades. That is quick response and fleet afoot by ASUS.

This is not enough to make my dump my Rampage II Ex but it gets my attention and tends to solidify my growing loyalty to ASUS.



I hope to see something like this implemented in more motherboards. This will be a very useful feature. 


Electronically charged



It really is about time mobo designers gave us a way to update the BIOS without having a CPU installed.  Several times I've needed this feature.  I hope other Mobo makers follow suit. 

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