Asus Updates Its G71 Gaming Notebook



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The 260gtx is NOT the fastest.  The 280gtx is!  Can't wait to get two of them.  I couldn't bring myself to upgrade my laptop last year because I knew this would come out, so ready or not here I come...



I thought that I've seen laptops with a 4870x2, made by Asus, in fact.



It's a Core 2 processor. I expect better from you, Andy.

As for the comments, I think 8 gigabytes is enough. You can get to a point where you can swap out a good portion of the page file before the cpu can chew that much data, thus defeating the purpose of having such a large semi-local data set.

On top of that, I feel some sympathy for the "640k should be enough for anybody" quote. 12 gigabytes is enough to store half a single layer of a blu ray disc! Information needs to be represented and arranged much more efficiently by today's applications.

You can have your recession. I'm not participating.



 what do you mean by?

"You can get to a point where you can swap out a good portion of the page file before the cpu can chew that much data"



Outside of the RAM, I was more interested in the graphics card. I didn't know the 260 made it into a mobile part.



12 gigs may seem like a lot now, but so did 1 gig back in the day, now 1 gig is not enough for higher end computers.  In time poeple will feel the same way about 12 gigs as they do now with 1 gig.



That seems excessive for a laptop.  Who needs 12 GB of DDR3 RAM to go?  My desktop does just fine with 2 GB DDR2.  I guess if you have the money and feel the urge to run several virtual machines simultaneously you can.



Whoops, it's DDR2.

Still, I associate desktops with performance and laptops with efficiciency in order to conserve battery life and portability, not that there's anything wrong with having an extreme performance laptop.



if you want to do movie editing on the go, 12GB isn't excessive at all. and this isn't a laptop you will carry as supplement to your desktop, this will be your desktop replacement.

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