Asus Unveils Ultra-Thin Eee PC 1008HA



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Boom, looks almost identical to that rip off new "Green" (lmao) iMac.

But probably will cost half the price.





 I don't think this will compete well with the other ultraportables.  It seems kinda, gay, like Steve Jobs.  I give it a score(0-10) of "4".  It's kinda that I have never liked EEE either.  Thats why this seems stupid.  Also, do you think I should get a VooDoo Envy 133 or a Dell Adamo or a Msi X-Slim or a Steve Jobs CrapBook Air"bootcamped though, we all hate Gay OS X Leopard".  I end this by saying, I don't like EEE or Apple.   

Willie Townes



Mac does suck, has a couple ok features, but i wouldn't pay for it unless i was a millionaire, and even then, i'd probably buy it to smash in front of a bunch of mac lovers (Ex: Local Starbucks). This is coming from a web developer, so they can shut their mouths about it being awesome for design. I use linux and windows, and they're both fine and do everything i want, like play games, open office files, spreadsheets and edit video and music, that's right it does EVERYTHING a mac can and more, pricks. The Eee Pc's are ok, but i'd personally choose a dell mini one, because it's the only OEM i'm ok with, i always get good service i get the discs i require from them, always on separate dvd's, drivers on one, os on another the way it should be. If these are cheaper than 200 bucks, i'll consider one, since that's chump change for a netbook. Get a Rocket stick or something equivalent, beats the shit out of a Blackberry or iPod Touch with a cellular reciever from 20 years ago (Basically what people call the iPhone, since it sucks) Skype, bluetooth headset, internet browser, away i go, it's a phone, browser, pda, got some data storage capability, and with an external hard drive, a portable movie/music player.

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