Asus Unleashes 18.4" W90 Laptop into the Wild, Equipped with a 4870 X2 GPU



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Been trying to find one of these laptops (Asus W90, vp).

 So sure its big, has a huge screen, but if i wanted small i would go for an eeePC.

I want a Kickass machine, something that would basically blow all other gaming laptops away.

Noticed that the new Alienware machine looked ok, but once i configurated one near to near similar hardware configs as the W90, it was about twice the price of the Asus.

So sure, a top spec'ed Alienware would prolly blow the Asus W90 away, but at the price of 3x of an Asus laptop, so not worth it.

 Got an Asus G2P atm and i need a replacement, so pls MPC review the W90...pretty pretty pretty pls plssssss !!!


Keith E. Whisman

This would make a great netbook..



Just curious.



the con on the review on newegg is just down right hillarious.


"The screen is a little overkill. I mean 18.4" screams that you're
trying to make up for something else. 17" would have been sufficient,
but I'm assuming that ASUS had a hard time fitting everything in the
case. Like most geeks, putting certain parts in certain holes hasn't
always been easy."

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