Asus Teases Upgraded Supreme FX Audio on Z87 Maximus VI Formula Motherboard



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Well I can tell you after personally using both SupremeFX III (Maximus V Gene) and SupremeFX IV(Maximus V Formula) I can say it really boils down to the software that is driving it. Personally the FX III was much better audio wise thanks to the amazing Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi MB2 software suite bundled with it (Maximus V Gene). Though audiophiles and hardcore games need not apply.

These audio solutions are great for the average person. if you need more audio quality/performance still look for an Add-on SC. Ive used the Xonar Phoebus (Horrible Drivers), Xonar Essence STX, X-Fi Titantium HD and now the Creative ZxR. I can tell you the ZxR is the mack daddy of audio cards for gaming as well as outstanding music quailty too. though, audiophiles will want to look into the Essence ST/STX series.

If you want damn good audio quality without the extra price added in with a addon SC, the SupremeFX chips are still damn good as well as the best integrated solutions on the market.


Ghost XFX




Hurry up and release haswell already. My next build is going to be expensive. But I need it badly. Core Duo. 40gig SSD sata II. And less than a gig left.



This is why most people use SSD's as their "Boot Drive" and a large capacity mechanical drive for storage.

I have a 120 GB Intel 520 series SSD (550 Mb/s Read/Write) that I use for my boot drive. I only put programs on my SSD that tend to have high volume of access times, like editing/encoding software and SOME games that have alot of loading screens/times. Everything else goes to my mechanical drive which is a WD Black 2TB 7200RPM 64mb Cache SATA III which even then sees a peppy 150-160ish Mb/s Read/write speed, whereas most SATA III drives are in the 110-120 Mb/s range.

I am assuming your PC in question is a Laptop?



I hope it offers Digital Optical input.



My question is how does this compare to an X-Fi, or even Asus's own Xonar?



Depending on the application, it wont. integrated has come a long way; especially in the SupremeFX solutions, but they are still leaps and bounds behind in the sheer power and quality you can achieve with a Add on SC.

It all boils down to what you are going to be doing and what level of quality you are expecting. SupremeFX is perfect for 90% of individuals. The days of "Needing" a Add on SC for good PC audio have come and gone, now they are reserved for "Enthusiasts" whether it be audiophiles or hardcore gamers alike.

personally I lean towards add on cards, because I demand top performance and when I listen to music I want to "fell it". That's not something you will fully experience even with SupremeFX IV. I Seriously doubt V will be that much better, as they are not going to let an Integrated solution undermine their own add-on cards.

Ive tried and tested pretty much all the mainstream solutions out there and from my chair here this is my must have list:

Integrated: SupremeFX III (Maximus V Gene)

Gaming: Creative Sound Blaster ZxR

Music/Movies: Asus Xonar Essence ST/STX

Headphones: Sennheiser PC 360 (Gaming)
Sennheiser HD 598 (Music/Movies)

Software Bundle: Creative X-Fi MB2 (Bundled with Maximus V Gene, Also avail for purchase for 25$ on Creative site) worth EVERY Penny!



Yeah, I'm wondering that myself. Is this really an option for someone that demands great audio, or just a step up from your normal bus master sound solution?




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