ASUS Teases Power Users With Spy Shots of the Mars 2 Dual GeForce GTX 480



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(falls on floor) WOW



My electric bill just shit its pants

sudo apt-get install windows 7



I'd be curious to know if a PSU down on this earth would support a quad SLI of these cards.I guess you would have to unplug the stove to dig into it's 40 Amps circuit.

On the good side, it can probably run Crysis :) 


Keith E. Whisman

That has to be alien technology. There is no way that could be made here on Earth. Aliens had to make it. But you know it would be weird if the aliens that built it are the kind from the Aliens movies. Yes the chest popping aliens. 

But anywho... That is a very beautiful card. Just imagine having three of those in SLI, water cooled with peltier cooled water. You would need a radiator and reservoir just for the graphics cards. So two complete water cooling systems in one case, the second cooling system would be for the chipset, CPU and HDD's.

So give me three of those cards without HSF's or at least sell them with water blocks preinstalled.  



3 8-pin connectors @ 125w each (IIRC) + 75w from the motherboard = 450w?  Jeeeez!

Too bad its not dual-pcb like the GTX295...its not gonna be able to do triple monitor by itself...



 The cooling requirements are going to be brutle, not to mention a beefy PSU. Its a beast alright.


John Garn

SGT, United States Army



 Pretty dang cool, but a bit disappointed that I saw this article a few days ago elseware.... either way, looking forward to it.


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