Asus Talks Wii-Killer



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They haven't even decided a name for it. Thats sad. Just like the guy said under me too, this is just as good as the long gone Phantom console!!!! BIG Danny :)



 Anyone remember The Phantom? The console that was supposed to destroy all other consoles, and change console gaming for ever? Ya... that seems about as plausable and real as Asus' system right now.

All anyone's ever seen is pictures. Not even the GUI has been released. If Asus really had "a Wii killer" on their hands, they'd have developed some software in house, to show what it can do. Nintendo released Super Mario Brothers with the NES to show it off, Super Mario World to show off what the SNES can do, Super Mario64 to show off the N46, and Wii sports gave gamers a glimpse of what the Wii can do with it's motion control. ALL software that was developed in house.

Asus as no excuse here. Heck, even Microsoft and Sony have had software developed in house, or exclusivly for their console at launch to show off what it can do.

I'm not going to even acknowledge what Asus says that they have, until they've developed some software to show off what it can do. Trying to put the blame on everyone else for your shortcomings is a very poor move Asus... Now, why don't you go improve your customer service/help desk and website instead of trying to dabble in areas which you know nothing abou, and we'll all move on and forget about your failed experiment.


-= I don't want to be dead, I want to be alive! Or... a cowboy! =-



The headline is very misleading. The guy so much as stated that the system is really nowhere due to lack of software. 




How is this mis-leading? I find it to be perfectly accurate, as ASUS does indeed seem to be claiming that they can top the Wii. Whether it actually makes it into the market however, is another question entirely.... In this case, they seem to be all talk with little plan.



waste of time, project natal already beat them to the punch. you pretty much cant outdo that in this generation



yep , most people ( average joe / jane ) have no idea about what kinds of manufacturers are out there, or how to build a system. So they'll go with what they know /  have heard of. Ps3 , Wii, Xbox / 360





Is this that Atom-powered Wii knockoff they were showing around before?  Somehow, I don't think it'll be as much of a threat to the Wii as they think it will.



  A 4 slice toaster can beat a Wii,and with zero software support any console no matter how good it is isn't worth a damn.

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