Asus Still Pimping Netbook Category, Launches New Eee PC 1225B



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At $455 they would have to put a much better cpu in it before I would buy it.



It would probably be cheaper than $455 if and when it launches in the States. We in the EU seem to pay a heavier tax which disappears into the ether.

I'd start pointing fingers at MPs but would rather not be on a government watchlist. :p



Looks like we're at an impass.  We want fast, portable, and cheap laptops. 

  • Netbooks are cheap and portable but not fast.
  • Ultrabooks are fast and portable but not cheap.
  • Traditional laptops are fast and cheap but not as portable.
  • Tablets are fast, portable, and cheap but aren't laptops. 

This is a good go at it but still not fast enough and $450 is a bit much for a netbook.





As David Gerrold wrote once upon a time:  "Good.  Fast.  Cheap.  Pick two."

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