Asus Slate with Laptop-esque Specs Now Available



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'Seems sort of expensive for what it would likely be used for.  If it's got a drop-in DVD-ROM on the back side... maybe... 

If I'm going to carry around something this big that weighs 2.5 lbs, why don't I just carry au uber-light laptop or a netbook? 

I've been using an Android tablet for a short time.  I've found that doing ANYTHING on the tablet (other than playing Angry Birds) is 2x as slow as just using a damned laptop with a real keyboard.  Having to hold with one hand and type with the other is hugely inhibiting to doing anything productive.

Some may say, "Just buy an external keyboard and pointer."  Ummmm... Okay... Doesn't a laptop/nettop have those things sort of bult in? 

It's likely that Apple did a shiat-load of usability testing (size and weight) before settling on the size of the iPad. This decision wasn't arbitrary... The iPad weighs a full 1 lb. less.  That's almost half.  I used a tablet PC 6 years ago (the rotate-screen-and-lock-it-in-place-over-the-keyboard variety).  At 3.5 lbs, after carrying it around for 2 hours, it felt like it was one of Moses's tablets.  Many anti-mac folks that have been waiting for a Windows alternative will buy this.  They won't buy a second in two years unless it's MUCH more svelte, and running a OS designed for a tablet.  This product is no bueno. 



"...with continuous 1080p video payback reducing that number to 2.4 hours."

So you can basically watch one movie in 1080p and your battery is dead. Nice! Sucks even more if you want to watch one and you're not on a full charge.



I honestly can't think of more than a handful of movies that clock in at nearly two and a half hours. 90 minutes seems about the norm.



So I was a little off for your average movie but thanks for correcting me. Still, there are movies that long so 'nuff said.



Crappy battery life for a Tablet.



This is nice but it isn"t sandy bridge which means the integrated graphics are crap.



I have, and simply love, a Motion Computing LE1700. It has dual core, 4gb and I finally submitted to Bill and purchased Windows 7 (Family pack for $100, Better get before they pull it). Anyway, besides graphics what is the obvious difference in speed between the i5 470 and my 1.5Ghz L7400?



Now thats a tablet i'd consider.

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