Asus Shows Off PadFone Tablet/Smartphone Hybrid, Two New Transformer Tablets



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A couple of points here.

1st it seems that the big display is fully dependant on the phone for the Cpu. Or at least that is how I'm reading it. That means after the gee-whiz factor wears off, if you need the ph while docked, you lose your tablet andmaybe some work. You could I assume (make an 'ass's out of 'u' and 'me') , do the ph call thing using a conference feature. But there goes your privacy. So your basically left with a lunch tray and a phone or a tablet. Albeit a really pretty and expensive one.

2nd, if I'm getting this right, you have a choice of either 3G/4G OR WiFi, but NOT both. This could be a real deal breaker in this era of data caps and throttling. I currently have a Moto' droid 2 that I have started using as an MP3 player using Amazons app. What I have been watching is just how quick you can go through your data allowance with just music. Never mind movies. My Verizon Moto' Droid 2 is capable of both WiFi AND 3G. So if you are at a hotspot and your player app supports it, you can download your playlist/movie via WiFi w/o drawing down your phone's data allowance.

So. For me, a choice of only one feature or the other would be a deal breaker. Yes, I know you could stream but then there goes your data cap. Plus, I hate skips/breaks in my music/movies. They WILL happen streaming so I always download a couple of playlists or a movie in advance. To eliminate the probe as much as possible.



Give the pad phone a stylus and I'm down, the dock would be wicked for a vehicle install and really don't care how bright or vivid the battery sucking pocket display is (music and E-mail max) though the shooter sounds fantastic. These guys have had some serious cred for a while and are showing up armed and dangerous to this years shootout, game on!!



Now I'll put on being pre-production but those images of the pad phone show a 5.0MP camera module not the fancy one? whatever, at least they aint photoshopping the copy much (integrity). The high end one is slick, the lower end better off a laptop/netbook permanently yet all are cool for moving forward with exclusive 3G/4G radios baked in, perhaps a chrome version will spawn?




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I have the new eee prime tf201
its pretty slick
and it came with ICS on it out of the box so no issues there



Any word on a release date for the Transformer Infinity?


Brad Chacos

Nope, not yet.



That Infinity looks awesome. Really iching to try one out and see if it's any good.



I'm not sure if I should be excited at the flexibility of the padfone, or dissapointed at t he prospect that I would have to carry around three separate components to get maximum functionality out of it. Seems to me they could have saved a step and simple made the tablet unit a convertible with a fold under or spin under keyboard.

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