Asus Shows Off Concept Keyboard PC



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Pretty sweet design. I'd like to see it with a fold out dual screen. That way you can view two peices of functionality at once, and the second screen folds over the primary one to protect them both. Type a word doc on one screen, watch the Simpsons on the other. :)

Maybe when OLED is more widely used they can use the flexible 'roll up' feature of OLED and just let you slide out the screen for maybe a bigger 5x4 inch or bigger screen. They could have the normal aspect ratios then (4x3 or 16x9/16x10).



The idea of a computer keyboard as one unit has been around since the 1980s. The old TI home computer is one example. However putting the screen in the unit is a great idea.



 Agreed, I was immediately reminded of my C-64 thinking... don't I have this already? [sans screen]


"There's no time like the future."



Pretty rad for a concept device. Definitely seems to fall in the category of "Surf the web, listen to music, type a word documen" that's so popular these days. Still, even if it isn't powerful, it's a very neat looking toy.

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