Asus Sets Goal to Ship 25 Million Motherboards in 2010



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To Quakindude... 

That's sad to hear.  I would of hoped that Asus would of kept up with demands for decent customer service, especially since they have such a high volume of sales, and people do have other good alternatives to quality motherboards.

My question is, if motherboards are frequently purchased through a retail vendor (maybe Fry's or Best Buy?), wouldn't the vendor's hardware warranty cover any repair or replacements?  Unless Asus happens to sell motherboards factory direct to the individual consumer.  Maybe there is an exception for online PC component websites that buy wholesale from the manufacturers (Newegg?), I haven't looked into those.  But for example, I just recently purchased a custom built gaming PC, and the vendor includes a three year warranty on all parts and labor.  So I end up dealing with a middle-man in California, instead of a giant corporation overseas.



I hope, for Asus sake, that they are diverting some major funds to improve their customer service amongst their motherboard customers. I personally have kept more than 15 friends/family from buying Asus products, Acer would be happy to know their Aspire One is being recommended by those of us who have been screwed over by Asus, and I will continue to steer people clear of Asus for as long as I need to until they fix their horrendous customer service. Granted, those who build computers are a small percentage of their sales, but still, we have a much larger voice than they give us credit for. 

Asus makes some great products and I've been forced to turn to other companies who offer less performance/features, in some cases, than Asus. But I would rather take a 5-7% hit on performance than a $300 hit to the wallet again because Asus customer service screws me over. 

For me, it's a wonder that Asus does as well as they do. Like I've said, when you get one of their products that work, and most of them do, and you don't need their warranty support, I guess Asus is a great company. But damn, need to use customer service and you stand a very good chance of being screwed over. 

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