Asus Rolls Out ROG Xonar Phoebus Solo 7.1 Gaming Sound Card



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I hold in my hand my old Creative X-Fi card. When I moved to windows 7 64 bit it was a driver nightmare. I miss the nice sound it produced, but not worth the problems.

Currently have a optical out from the on-board sound to my Onkyo 7.1 receiver and Polk speakers. I would be interesting in a top notch ASUS sound card. Also have Sennheiser PC360 headphones.



I don't know which card you have, but if you haven't checked for drivers in the last year or so, you might want to give it a try.

I have a Creative X-Fi Fatal1ty Gamer Pro and it has drivers for both Win7 and Win 8. Works just fine.



Yeah, I went away from Creative due to driver issues and the smart A%% crap that their tech service people posted. I went to a Xonar as I use ASSUS ROG Mobos and I have been extremely happy with the result.



I bought this sound card in December. Don't know what the difference would be with this new addition. Prior to that card, I had the Creative X-Fi Extreme Music.

I'll say this... I will never go back to Creative ever again after buying this card. The sound from the Phoebus is amazing. The card is pretty damn expensive, but if you want perfect, smooth sound it's worth every penny!

The sound is crisp, clear, smooth, very spacial and fills the room with two speakers. I don't have a 5.1 or 7.1 set up, but I can imagine it'd be amazing. Games sound so much better.

Listening to music or playing games with headphones is incredible, every sound coming from all angles and you hear everything, and the spacial feeling to it is second to none.

I have a lot of music software like Ableton, Reason Propeller Heads, Maschine, etc and it's perfect. The bass is phenomenal also.

Sometimes when you buy a piece of hardware and you install it, and sometime you may be a bit disappointed with it. With this card, I was happy from word go!

Seriously recommend it. Even if you don't play games, music on this card is incredible and holds it well, and you can push the power on this bad boy!



The article says the card has not been released yet. Do you have a different model maybe? If so, which one?
I'm in the market for a sound card and any information is welcome.



If you think about it, this is really encouraging news for power users such as ourselves. Although audio cards are out of style, companies are still pushing them out. Hopefullly, this holds true for power user desktops and the such in the future, long after they are "out of style" for the rest of humanity.



I'm pretty sure that's supposed to read EMI Shield... not EMA.
The product looks nice, however.



I have decent speakers and I am well past 60 Y O and I can absolutely tell the difference between even higher end embedded sound and my add in Xonar sound card. There is no comparison. It is not that embedded sound is not reasonably good but unless you can compare one then the other with reasonable decent speakers or a good headphone then you have no basis of comparison.



While I could have appreciated the value of a discrete sound card when I was 20 years younger, unfortunately I am satisfied with the integrated sound on all of my systems. Oh, to have the hearing that I had back then. Sigh!

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