Asus Rolls Out New Firmware to Fix Reboot Issue in Transformer Prime



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I have 2 of the Primes. NOT A SINGLE ISSUE with either of them. No random reboots, now WiFi issues. The GPS seems to work fine (same as my iPad2 but not as good as my Droid Razr). I don't use GPS on the tablet.



By the time you factor in the cost of the keyboard and other essential accessories, this device is priced the same as a lot of mainstream notebooks and only 10-15% less than a great ultrabook. If I bought this thing on impulse - or worse yet, after seeing MPC foolishly award it a KickAss rating - I'd be ashamed to use it in public. Not an intelligent purchase for most owners.



I own the EEE Transformer Prime tablet, and it came with ICS installed on it the day I got it 9 days ago.
Now mind you, I have not attempted to stress test it beyond daily use. I had no issues with it

I really dont understand all the hate that seems to be directed at this tablet. I have the add on keyboard, and its been pretty easy from day one.



I received my Transformer Prime as a birthday present and I loved it. Within the first hour of getting the system online I had all the updates from ASUS including Ice Cream Sandwich. Also received a firmware update for the cameras and that is when my problems started. If I started the camera software the rear camera would display a green field and ghost images of the start screen. If I switched to the front face camera it would work fine, but the longer I was in the camera program the more problems I had. The flash would strobe and the system finally locked up. I called ASUS support and they had not heard of this problem and after trying to reset the system and still having the problem I had to send it to ASUS for repair. That was a week ago.
Despite the camera issue I loved the device and look forward to having it back soon.



The problem I would have with mine is that parts of the screen would get garbled in some orientations but be fine in others. I haven't run across the problem since I updated, though. WiFi worked fine, but GPS never seems to connect.



The entire release of this faulty product has been a shameful stain in the reputation of ASUS. I made the mistake of purchasing a Prime tablet and found all kinds of issues with wifi, GPS and random crashes and rebooting. I couldn't return it to the store because Fry charges a 15% restocking fee so now I'm stuck with a faulty tablet with tons of potential that will never be realized because ASUS refuses to admit this tablet is a aluminum skinned lemon.

People are actually drilling holes into the backplate and soldering wires to the internal antenna just so they can have a functional tablet the way it was advertised. Absolutely shameful on ASUS part.



Maybe it just has a faulty Spark/AllSpark lol. I couldn't resist lol.

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