Asus Reveals Ultra-Thin U/UX Series Laptops



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Anyone else think Sony might say something about the Model name? They had a UX series of MicroPCs a year or two ago...



How come it took other manufacturers so long to come out with backlit keyboards?  Apple has had them for years, and now Dell and Asus are putting them in.  Was it the price?



Just wanna know if it plays Crysis on max without having a heart attach. if so then sign me up, if not then back to considering a macbook pro.....



 72 inch LCD, 5k, 2000watts sound system, 2k, xbox 360, 400$, PS3, 500$, multi playing GOW 24 hrs straight = PRICELESS.


Keith E. Whisman

So let me get this straight alright. If a PC laptop can't run Crysis at top settings (desktop gaming machines have problems running crysis with everything on) you will go with a MacBook Pro and the MacBook Pro cannot run Crysis at all but is just as expensive as a top of the line PC laptop. Dude you have serious issues with performance priorities. I would take a high end PC laptop over any MacBook Pro anytime. At least with a top end PC laptop you can play Crysis. Perhaps not as fast as a high end desktop but at least you can play it. A mac book pro just plain sux at gaming.



QFT! Keith, you took the words out of my mouth.

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