Asus Reveals the Eee Top, an iMac Style PC for the Masses.



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 I agree with you guys. It's rather ugly, would be great for that kitchen PC "they" so badly want me to have, and will only sell if it's cheap.

Incedentally, It occurs to me that with netbooks and eepc's etc. they're just selling us the relevant of usability of a computer from 12 years ago, only with usb and a smaller form factor. So perhaps that old machine you kept in your basement for years, then tossed after you couldn't sell it at your garage sale might have had a use after all.


"There's no time like the future."



I'll give it about two months before the inevitable lawsuit from Apple.

Remember what happened when Gateway released a computer modeled that even bore slight resembelence to the original iMac.


Keith E. Whisman

if it's only a few hundred dollars I'll get one. Plug in an external hard drive and use it for bittorrent chores. err like sharing indi music and movies yeah.. 



Low price might spark my interest.



That keyboard looks like an Apple wireless, it has no number pad. Is this really the new Mac Mini in disguise? Looks like this will sell like hotcakes, its got enough for everyone but hardcore, Max PC gamers. Less is more they say. Touchscreen will wow them, built in wireless makes set up easy. The all in one design  saves counter space. If this thing doesn't fall on its face, it will have a lot of iMac owners angry.

 Perfect for the education market?



I've been going over in my head, what I'd like for my future living room (when I get a house) and one of the things that I'd really like, is a touch-screen PC to control my music, and provide internet access in a central location. This, I think, is what I've been looking for. Let's see how it looks once the price is released. Maybe it'll get more appealing, maybe it'll get less. Only time will tell!


-= I don't want to be dead, I want to be alive! Or... a cowboy! =-



That's just plain ugly.



make a "touch" keyboard mouse combo   rather than the screen  ^^

Who cares if THAT gets dirty   :)  I also think its way past time to make the keyboard/mouse combo of a laptop..."crumb proof"    Now that would be make someone rich!

Not to mention that the idea of spending a few hours with my arms up in the air  (for a touch SCREEN)is just so thrilling :/


band geek

If Asus can manage to get this under $600, they'll have a home-run seller on their hands. The design looks really great, and the touch screen sounds awesome. I can only hope for a dual-core Atom.



This may be a better solution than the HP TouchSmart for a kitchen counter PC.  Maybe my wife will give me my laptop back.



For a minute I thought that was an imac until i read the title!!



Bad Ass.  That is all I can say.



3450? To take the load off the CPU when doing H264, right? Cuz Atom and gaming?...

 One question. Where's the dual-core Atom?


Eternal Visitor

I bet it has more get-up-and-go than my current PC does, and it games just fine, can't handle anything less than a few years old, but capable all the same.

"gaming" doesn't just mean "games released this week" you know.



We have touch screens at work, I like it but the screen gets funky



We have touchscreens at my school and they work fine.  Maybe it is because we have the new toshiba hp and gateway tablets. Eitherway, the newer the touchscreen the better they will get.

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