Asus Reportedly in Talks to Acquire Motherboard Maker ASRock



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Personally If I were ASRock I'd refuse to sell to Asus and keep doing what they're doin and become number one in the mobo maker market then make an offer to buy out Asus



Yeah, this is bullshit. How about companies start actually making good quality products instead of being mediocre at best, and providing horrible customer service, and maybe they will be successful in some capacity. Then maybe they wont have to shrug their shoulders, throw in the towel, and sell out to a competitor.



I'm very surprised that no one here is ranting (like they should be) about how this is going to destroy competition and drive motherboard prices up (if not immediately then definitely in the long run).



Because, I'd rather rant about how intel plans to destroy the motherboard market, AMD and Nvidia all together and attempt to make themselves the one and only resource for PC components. That's horrible. I knew I've always hated Intel. Haven't used a single one of their processors since 1998.



By the time it starts making a real impact in the motherboard marketplace Intel will have absorbed most motherboard functions into the CPU die and it won't matter.



My TF201 won't charge as of yesterday. Bought it in April. Got burnt bad on a G72GX Asus laptop. When ASRock was one of the lower end manufacturers, I wasn't interest in them. Since they are selling, I won't be interested at a later date. Think BFG. If Asus keeps putting shit out, shit is what they're gonna get. Whatever.



I'm perfectly okay with this as long as "Asus" keeps doing what Asus does best, and the "ASRock" division keeps doing what Asrock does best, and the two don't cross over.

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