Asus Ranks the Highest in Computer Reliability Report



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I used to love Asus and Intel until the Black Pearl.


I purchased the board and built a P3-650 back in 2001.  In 2002 I suffered a HD crash and when attempting to relaod I was not able to locate the CD nor find the drivers online.  After contacting my contacts at Intel, I was told that they no longer supported the board or the 815 chipset.  This left a bitter taste due to all the hype this board and Asus had.


Since then I've been using AMD and MSI/Gigabyte MBs.



Maybe I've just been lucky, but I've never had a piece of Asus hardware fail before I upgraded to newer parts or systems. I'm still using a Pentium II 450 with an Asus motherboard for a Linux server. To me, Asus is quality stuff-and no I don't work for them.



WHo is Do they handle all the calls for these OEMs? If so then there numbers are meaningful. Otherwise we can't say how relaible a measure they are. And they are only using the number of calls they receive, which is confusing because a call for help setting up a PC carries the same weight as a call about a dead vid card, right? I have too many questions about the methods and metrics to trust these numbers.

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