Asus Rampage II Extreme Motherboard: Cue up the Battle Hymn of the Republica



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I WANT ONE!!! It has plenty of options on it, and it looks amazing!  My only question is, is this another board that has problems with having RAM voltages over 1.65?



How many more years will it take for the mobo manufacturers to make the RAM and PCI-E slots PARALLEL to each other?  With RAM heatsinks reaching 2 inches in height....have the RAM and PCI-E slots perpendicular, is just plain "airflow" stupid!     


I have an ASUS M2N32-SLI Deluxe WiFi mobo, and by some manufacturing accident....they put the RAM and PCI-E slots parallel.  This of course means, that I can over clock on ONLY air cooling and still get fantastic low temps.  For example, right now my CPU is 25C, my mobo is 24C and my GTX280 is 35C.  All I run is a Zalman 9500 CPU cooler and 5 80mm case fans.....2 front intake, 2 rear exhaust and 1 side exhaust.  I over clocked my AMD 5000+ black edition from 2.6 to 3.2Ghz.  Even under 100% load, my temps only reach 40-45C !   It's all because there is no restriction to the front to back airflow.  Sure I could spend excess money to achieve the same results, but why?  A simple mobo redesign will do the same job for a whole lot less!



Well actually the way a motherboard is made today is very economically excepted worldwide, of course it may say seem realistic to put the ram and pice e parallell for more room, airflow etc, and so your huge ddr3 dominator ram doesnt conflict with multiple GPU's along with water cooling or a heatsink. But im sure they make it that way for a reason and someone has already thought of that before actually making the motherboards and whatever design works best it goes into the motherboard.


Keith E. Whisman

I'm curious about running 2 video cards in SLI. Will it offer dual X16 sli with the top and bottom X16 slots and wont that block those connections on the bottom of the motherboard? If you use both Blue X16slots for dual SLI then you block that single PCI slot and you have to throw out your SB pci Xfi card. That would suck because I just got my SLI card a few months ago. Sounds cards usually last a couple of years at least for me. Other than that another question is what is the six memory slots for? Can you run dual tri Channel setups? err Dual Channel Tri Channel?



If that was a tank it would destroy. Asus has bad ass heatsinks. They almost look like teeth.

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