Asus Plans Low-Cost, Full Color E-book



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Yep, I'm one of them.  I lovez me some .cbz.  I'll tell you what though, a portrait mode 24" monitor is pretty amazing reading surface while I wait for a color eInk reader.



Seriously, this is only appealing if you've never used an eBook reader before. A few things to consider:

1) eInk is on every single decent eBook reader for a reason, and two of those reasons are eyestrain and glare. There is no backlight on eInk screens and they honestly look pretty much just like paper. Go check one out at a Sony store or something. If you've never seen one before you might just think the display is a mockup. It looks that good. Since there is no backlight, the brighter it is where you're reading, the better the screen looks. Color eInk is coming for those that like to read comic books, but this device won't have it at the price point named.

 2) The folding design sucks. It's fine with a paperback since it's light enough to be held in one hand anyway, but this probably won't be able to be comfortably held in only one hand. Try using it to read on a plane for four or five hours and see how much you like it then.

 3) Battery life. Another reason decent eBook readers use eInk screens is because they literally only consume power when a page is changed. Once the screen is displaying a page, no power is required to keep the text displayed. Powering a big, beautiful _backlit_ color display is expensive in terms of battery, and that means expensive in terms of weight. See point #2.



Meh. I'm still a "I like holding the actual book" kinda guy, but if I were (and hopefully I will be) a book worm, this is what I would be holding out for: a two-pages-at-a-time ereader with color.  I support it.  Although ebooks I havwe found are not much cheaper than the actual book....



Translation: it will run for an hour before the battery runs out.






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