Asus, MSI, Others Kick Off the Summer with Slumping Mobo Sales



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I believe this is largely in part that budget computers are now mostly being built by the large vendors (Dell, Acer, HP, Apple).  People aren't going to buy a budget computer from the guy down the street anymore... the big vendors are getting these sales from their websites or at Best Buy.  So this leaves the motherboard market open only really to the enthusiasts and niche markets who custom build their computers and aren't looking for a budget board (save maybe the HTPC crowd).  Have you seen the price of an 'enthusiast' board lately?  Damn!  Maybe better prices with better features (like USB 3) would rebuild their wallets.  You don't exactly see any motherboard maker actually making an effort to set the bar anymore though... everyone wants to raise it just enough to get another $350 board sold.


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I.m getting ready to build a new system but I'm waiting for a good 1366 board with native SATA 3 and USB 3 and I want USB 3 headers on the board for front panel ports. It looks like noone is willing to release one yet.

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