Asus Maximus V Gene Carries Next Generation Features in a Micro ATX Form Factor



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It'll be interesting to see how this stacks up against the Rampage IV GENE LGA 2011. I'm doing a new build this summer and it will be mATX.

For wireless, take a look at the TP-Link line. I've used the TL-WN722N model and it works fine (and it's cheap).



No Thunderbolt, I see. I guess I'm not too surprised, since they said that Thunderbolt probably wouldn't be on any IB launch boards, but I was hoping someone like Asus would be able to sneak it in.

EDIT: I'm seeing on some other sites that Thunderbolt will be available with an addon card that will be available a few weeks after IB is released


Peanut Fox

Thunderbolt spotted on upcoming MSI Z77 GD80 motherboard for IB



Where is the love for PCI slots?
I'm worried my PCI WLAN card is gonna become outdated, and I got it just 2 months ago


Peanut Fox

It's outdated. While there will be motherboard manufactures that will have PCI support on motherboards for some time, Intel will not be supporting it on the z77 chipset, and probably all chipsets moving forward.

Being just a Wireless card you should be able to fit it into a PCIe slot with a PCI to PCIe adapter without any issues.


Citizen Snips

It should work in one of the larger slots too, so as long as you aren't trying to run multiple videocards you should be fine.



This mATX board does not have any PCI slots. They are all PCIe. If his WLAN card is PCI 32bit or 64bit (PCI-X) he/she will have to look elsewhere. All the recent Gene mATX boards are all PCIe. None of them have 32bit or 64bit PCI.



oooh, Fatal1ty colors! Slap his name on it and bump 'er up another $150. ;)



I think ASUS was using this color scheme before Fatal1ty was "in". As far as I know all their ROG stuff is black and red. If you were being sarcastic my bad.


Duck Dodgers

^This. A red and black color scheme is just that, a red and black scheme. It really rustles my jimmies when someone takes a generic entity and gives it's credit to a pop culture icon. Neither Fatal1ty or ASUS owns colors nor rights to colors.




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