Asus Leads Atom N550 Netbook Pack with Eee PC 1015PEM



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Prior to purchasing I called ASUS support department (11 Oct) and wanted to know exactly what model of the Eepc 1015PEM I needed to purchase in order to get the 1-USB 2.0 and 2-USB 3.0 ports.

I was told I needed the 1015PEM-PU17. So with that information I ordered exactly that from on the 11th of October. When my netbook arrived late on the 15th of October I found it had 3-USB 2.0 ports and NO USB 3.0 ports. I called ASUS tech support on the 18th of October, spoke to ***** after 15 minutes on hold, he took my information and told me he could not locate a Supervisor, but he would have one call me before the end of the week. Well today is Friday, the end of the week and no call, so I called tech support. 22 October at 2pm CST – could not find a supervisor, told me to call back in an hour.  I called back at 3:22pm and after waiting 11 minutes to locate a supervisor the phone started ringing, I let it ring two minutes and no one answered. Needless to say I am NOT happy with ASUS at this moment.




This is just sidetracking a bit, but I've had 2 netbooks alreadys where the keyboard is worn out after only 4-6 months of very light use (1-2 hours/day of use). I know the profit margins are very thin for netbooks, as to the low quality parts used, but a worn out keyboard after 4-6 months of light use is totally unacceptable. I don't know, put some scratch resistant coating on it like those found on HP's business laptops? A coating or 2 of that can't be that expensive can it?


Keith E. Whisman

Atom really should be a multicore processor with 2 cores minimum and this should have been from the very start. I think that Atom will really come into it's own when we start seeing 8 to 12 core processor and up from there with perhaps HT built in as well. 

I realize that Intel intends this chip to be for the low end, but it can serve the middle and top tier computing as well if they just add more cache and say, alot more core. '

I really think that Intel should jump the gun from the dual core and jump straight up to 8 core Atom processors. With 16 and higher core count atom processors to come out in the next two years or so. Will Intel do this? Not at all. Intel wants to build a cheap CPU and sell it for a moderate price and ever so slightly update it every year or so. 

God I wish competition would just step in with a super duper processor that sinks the Atom.



802.11g?  Wouldn't that be a step backwards -- even my old netbook has 802.11n.

Here's the spec sheet from Asus:

Looks like the hard drive and memory specs will be different depending on the configuration you buy, too.

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