Asus Launches Space Saving GeForce GTX 670 DirectCU Mini



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This card will work out as long as you can change the PSU in it to support a 670. Most SFF cases (especially pre-built computers) will have a big problem since most of them use 450 watt or less PSUs.

Bottom line is that this card will only work for a small market or group of people with the means to power it.



which is why if I was going to go SFF I'd go for Silverstone's Grandia series. Most (perhaps all?) use a 600 watt PSU in the nose end of the case making it easy to run more powerful setups in a small-ish foot print.



Sound's like this new design means its more expensive. Just like the low pro RAM dimms compared to the standard size dimms.

Though I'm excited to see this development in even powerful video cards.



This is big news. Will be able to fit this in much smaller popular cases out there. How about the Sugo 5, Alienware X51, wesena cases, some of the smaller Lian Li cases. Even my favorite case the Ft-03 mini. I know you can cram a normal gtx 670 in these cases but it is always nice to have headroom which is better for cabling and cooling fans. will have to go find out the exact measurements but to me this is a big deal and way to go Asus!! Might even see some custom Itx cases built around this card from boutiques like CyberPower who has a really small itx case right now only held back by its graphics card I believe a 7850.



I,ts about time. I've been waiting for one of these for some time now. Some of the newer cards remind me of the days of the visa local bus cards from years gone by.

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