Asus Launches ROG Matrix GTX 580 Graphics Card for Overclockers



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That thing looks heavy enough to probably rip a PCI-E slot right off the mobo.  This would definitely make its home into a prebuilt system either in single-card or 2-way SLI (or 3-way if a mobo has like 9 or 10 slots).



I'm pretty sure that's a truck, not a graphics card.


Holly Golightly

I really like these tripple slotted cards. They can make the MoBo look nice and clean. I hope they have a metal plate to cover the bottom, as most ATX MoBos have the videocards upside down for some odd reason. Oh my gosh, I can soo definitely picture this videocard in 3-way SLI!!!!!!



This is the board that you two are looking for then.  Slots 1 and 5 are x16 and used for SLI.



I considered a directCU II card at one point, but quickly discounted it. I wanted an SLI setup, and I wanted 2* 16X. I couldn't find that combination in any 1155 MoBos. I see this card as an ideal solution for a fast, OC, single card config.



That thing is huge! I noticed after going to Asus's website that it has SLI connectors, what MB has PCIe slots three apart that would support SLI?

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