Asus to Launch Half a Dozen Ultrabooks in October



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A quote from Max PC's "Intel Still Super Psyched about Ultrabook Concept"::

The Ultrabook project is much more akin to Centrino," Otellini said of the platform. "It's a very wholistic approach to moving the entire market to a different kind of form factor, not just in terms of thinness, but in terms of the feature-set... always on, always connected, the machine is always aware of the networks around it... instant on, instant boot capability... building in integral touch... and other feature-sets."

So this appears to be using a SSD? I would assume something more than an Atom type processor, and by "integral touch", is he talking about a touch screen? This is something that looks interesting, but I'm not super pysched about the predicted $900-$1200 price tag...

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