Asus Laptops to be Sold in Walmart Later This Year



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Asus should see a good boost in sales with this move. Too bad it validates Wal-Mart even more as a national staple. While I don't agree with the business ethics of Wal-Mart I have to admire their ability to gain market share year after year. It won't be Costco in the year 2570, it will be Wal-Mart...



All the Walmarts around here (Canada) already sell Asus laptops.  They don't sell their eeePCs yet through.


Keith E. Whisman

Yeah that sounds about right. WalMart sells crap and this is just in keeping with their history. I admit that I shop alot at WalMart but almost everything there is crap. I mean you can't resell any of it except for maybe a TV or game console or Ipod but outside of that everything else is crap. Come on WalMart sells new pants for less than you can buy old ones at Goodwill thrift stores.

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