Asus Lamborghini VX7 Gaming Laptop Fueled by Sandy Bridge



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This laptop looks incredibly cool. I'd consider owning one if not for the RIDICULOUS price. ...just because Lamborghini gave them some sort of permission to use their name it's somehow worth starting @ $2800?

Asus makes some pretty decent laptops. I'm sure this is no exception. Be that as it may: Pass.



Didn't they do this with ferrari a few ago?



Acer had Ferrari going for a while. Got a Ferrari laptop almost 5 years ago, but it stopped working in December 09. Seems like Acer doesn't have Ferrari anything now.

But after a while, I realized that laptops just don't cut it for gaming. I wanted a better keyboard, bigger monitor, and more FPS.



SOME laptops just don't cut it for gaming.

I have an Asus G73h and every game I throw at it plays very smooth, but I still want this one even though it has a smaller screen than what I have now.

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