Asus Intros 12.5-inch B23E Ultraportable Laptop for Enterprise Users



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Why do companies make their regular consumer models cheesy then make their supposed business class laptops so nice? That laptop is far more practical AND better looking than most of the stuff you find at Staples. I wonder if it even has less OEM "shovelware" than the standard models?



Don't go to Staples. There are far better places to get laptops. Need I mention Newegg? A nice looking laptop though, I must admit



Because they want Joe Shmo down the street to buy a new pc every other year. They make more money that way. Business users care about durability, and will make huge contracts with OEMs to get their systems, so OEMs make their business stuff much more durable and practical. And yes, business-grade stuff almost never has any bloatware. They come with Windows and their drivers and maybe antivirus. Nothing more.

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