Asus Introduces Factory Overclocked GeForce GTX 680 DirectCU II TOP



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Have you guys tried installing one of these into your system? It bends down so much I was worried about it snapping the PCI-E slot and drop straight into the PSU... and these trip slots weight a f tonne too...



Finally someone with a decent factory overclock on the GTX 680. Nice job, Asus!

I would like more memory though.




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Duck Dodgers

I hate when I want people to take my money and they won't...When will these cards be in stock again!?!?!?!?



That was a really BAD decision on NVidia's, to release a card without having enough damn stock! Or perhaps the demand is just too high no matter what their initial stock was. Who knows until we see their income statement for the quarter.
In the meantime, it looks like Intel is going to have the EXACT SAME PROBLEM with Ivy Bridge this Monday. Good luck getting a CPU, esp the i7-3770K.



I don't see what was so bad about it. It's pretty obvious to me why they released it when they did, and I don't really fault them for it. At least it wasn't a "paper" release, and we could get sites to fully test them, instead of doing so with premature drivers.

If they hadn't released when they did, that would have just meant more people buying AMD instead of Nvidia. They got the finished product out, people know it's overall a better performer, and so anyone wanting a new high-end card will be much more likely to wait and buy the Nvidia.

They also put pressure on AMD to drop their prices, so even those still buying AMD have benefited.

It certainly isn't their fault that yields for the new process have been lower than expected; you do what you can, and sometimes things don't come together like you want. They stockpiled what they could before release - but it's kind of silly to have product available and not sell it, but let it sit in a warehouse costing money instead.

I'm not fond of these releases the video card companies have been making for awhile now, where there is a limited amount of product. I just try to look at the good side: it cuts down on my impulse buying, lol.

Maybe they will release Big Kepler soon, and it will have better yields and we'll have more product, quicker.



I was able to get a hold of a GTX 680 several weeks ago. Here is the site I always use to find hard to get electronics.
Also, you can set up Auto Notifications on Newegg.



I love it! Went to the link NOW IN STOCK website with OUT OF STOCK GTX 680 cards. The names say it all!



I don't think they are necessarily ugly; what they are is huge. What's next, a quad-slot video card?



When I saw that picture I thought the same thing. I'd love to see one next to a Raspberry Pi.



agree, i dont think they are ugly at all, it is technology after all, and yes it is HUGE... (that's what she said)



I love Asus but I find these cards ugly as hell.

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