Asus, HTC Unlikely to Join Google's Chromebook Party



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Chrome OS is still very much a 'futuristic' OS. The intention of Chrome OS is a lightweight OS that is based on perfectly cross-platform and open HTML5/Javascript application development. The various HTML5 APIs are still changing every day, but eventually HTML5 will be just as capable of a development platform as any other platform (iOS, Android, etc.). And that includes offline application support. It's just going to take time for the HTML5 applications to become as capable as their counterparts.

Windows 8 is actually a massive step towards this new HTML5 application future. Chrome OS applications and new Windows 8 Metro applications are actually almost completely compatible with one another (as long as the application was written in HTML5 and not C#).



I'll take an asus transformer over a chromebook every day of the week. Chromebooks are dead .....



Agreed. I can't for the life of me figure out why Chrome OS would be chosen over Android. I don't see anything a Chromebook can do that my Transformer Prime can't, but I see plenty the Transformer can do that the Chromebook can't.

I don't know if this is a failure of Google's marketing team, or if I'm just missing something.

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