Asus Eyes 1.8 Million Tablet Shipments in 2011



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didn't I just see this headline last year with 3D TVs? And the year before with netbooks?



I'd totally buy one of each if I had the $$$$$.



Cant wait for the Transformer 2, I was hesitant to buy the first one since Ice Cream Sandwich was already in the works, but since Asus said they are going to update the original Transformer to ICS, I am happy to buy to Transformer 2 as I am almost certain they will update it to ICS.



ASUS has stated with no ambiguity that ICS will be on all of their Android tablets by the end of the year.  Unfortunately I think the way it works is the manufacturers don't get access to the ICS source until the first flagship device ships - which for ICS will be the Galaxy Nexus phone, and everything I've heard says that will ship near the end of November. So if ASUS wants to ship the Transformer Prime early enough for the holiday shopping season, they pretty much HAVE to ship it with Honeycomb. 

Personally I can't wait for ICS - I have an original Transformer tablet (and the keyboard dock) and absolutely love it. From everything I've seen, ICS won't be a huge change from Honeycomb, but it's always nice to have the latest and greatest OS.  So far ASUS has been GREAT with updates - I had one update ready to download when I took it out of the box (3.0 to 3.1), then I've had a few minor updates, and recently another update to 3.2.  ASUS seems VERY dedicated to making their tablets succeed and supporting them for the long haul.

I too would probably buy a Transformer Prime instead of an original Transformer if I had that choice today - although from everything I've heard the Prime base model price will be $500 vs the original Transformer $400 base model price - and I have friends that picked up 32 GB Transformers + the keyboard dock on Ebay (brand new) for $400 total.  So if you're looking to save a bit of cash, you really can't go wrong with the original Transformer - I never find myself thinking "Gee this thing could go faster, wish I had a quad core processor." :)



Asus makes a tablet?

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