Asus' Express Gate, is it a Useless Gimmick or a Glimpse of the Future?



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I have ASUS P5Q MB with P45, the drivers are finnaly comming in 2009 August to work with Windows 7 RC. Express Gate is one good use of Linux as an altenative to Windows. My PC is now quick and quiet. All hot and noisy HDDs are now not running. I would like to see Solid State HDD ,HD Wide Screen , & a media player coming soon.



I could see uses for this in the workplace. Average workers turn on their computer, it near-instantly boots up, they aren't able to modify any OS files (intentionally or unintentionally), application data is saved to a USB Hard drive so you can carry it with you from station to station. Sounds good.



Hmmm... my Commodore 64 booted from ROM and was ready to go almost as soon as you flipped the switch. The reason those kind of systems went away is because replacing and upgrading the OS is much easier when it's on a floppy or hard drive, if they can figure a way to combine both (ROM daughterboard?) maybe they'll be onto something. Specially, as others have mentioned, in laptops.

 As it is right now it feels more like a gimmick, but it sure has potential.



yes I totally agree on that to have laptop equip with express gate. For Desktop, it would also be great for use as a gateway for communication and simple IM/skype chat with video and voice. What else do you need? If used in conjunction with ext. flash drive, perfect for anything. Do I need to install HD on the thing? I really wonder. ^^

Personally I would be happy to see if this become  a standard for most if not all motherboard rom chip.

P.S. sorry power users, just need to put you people aside for a bit on this...^^;;



"Instant on" has ALWAYS been lusted over, but never possible with a windows or mac based os...  Will this make Microsoft change their os?  No, not until it's adopted by the larger pc manuf. like Dell or HP AND widely used.  +1 for the laptop comment.



I tried two Asus P5E3 Premium X48 motherboards.  I got the same result on both of 'em: Express gate could not find the network interface devices 9 out of 10 ten times I powered up the system.  Let Asus get it working reliably first, and then we'll see if it's useful.  Heck, even the Vista x64 drivers for this motherboard are just plain buggy junk.

The AI Lifestyle was just not for me...



When manufacture's start putting this onto laptop motherboards, that's when this will be a really big deal!  When I'm at the airport and have to wait 3 minutes for my laptop to boot up just so I can do some last minute weather checks or e-mailing, it's really annoying!  I usually end up leaving my laptop in hibernate when I'm on travel just to avoid this, but that has it's own problems.

 Anyway, I see no reason for this in desktop machines, but in a laptop it would be extremely handy and would force microsoft to do something to either speed their boot time or create an instant on ROM.


Talcum X

I'm thinking most readers of MPC wont find this of any use.  As for mainstream users...maybe not either. It needs to be more than what it is to become usefull.  Now, have an optoin to move an installed OS from disk to blank boot ROM and keep changeable user files on the your talkin'.


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